The Razor-Edged Path of Progress

Reproduced from "The Theosophist" March 1995 issue

There is a way between the yea and the nay--
A path so slender it cannot be measured,
But only seen; so colorless it cannot be seen,
But only felt; so nebulous it cannot be felt,
But only adored. Too passionless for adoration;
Too loving for fear--too fearful for love--
Always it is, yet never of these, for
It is a thing imagined--a path of illusion.
Yet more real than these words.
It is a razor-edged path of progress,
Yet not to be travelled for it is of apathy,
To be avidly sought, for it is of life.
It is at once ephemeral and eternal.
Therefore it is the path of Paradox.
Therefore it is the path of At-One-ment.
It is the way between the yea and the nay.

Clarence Pedersen

Mr. Pedersen, is a long-standing member of the American Section.

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